August 2017

More Notes from Above

August 2017 - Progress in Chehalis. (more…)

Obliteriders – Team Kenny Sponsored by FORMA

August 2017 - FORMA takes to two wheels in support of cancer research. (more…)

Bird’s Eye View

August 2017 - FORMA breaks ground in Edmonds. (more…)
July 2017

Have you ever wanted to tear down your High School?

July 2017 -

Project Engineer Intern Zach Vance is a key member of FORMA's field team currently demo-ing and re-building Anacortes High School--and he's an AHS alumnus. (more…)

Progress at the Zoo

July 2017 - Freshly posted construction site progress photos for your viewing pleasure. (more…)
June 2017

Take a Peek Over our Fences

June 2017 - FORMA brings you real-time construction progress photos and critical project updates via the wonder of Instagram technology. (more…)
May 2017

AHS Neighborhood Construction Update

May 2017 - Join us Monday afternoon to see what we've been up to in Anacortes. (more…)

FS21 Y’All

May 2017 - You're Invited to the Groundbreaking. (more…)
April 2017

FS20 is Officially Excellent

April 2017 - We knew it was, but it's nice when the Internet says so. (more…)

UW Tower Renovation Recognized

April 2017 - Our Design-Build project wins an Ace Award. (more…)
March 2017

Anacortes is Calling

March 2017 - Attention Bidders: Mark your calendars for big subcontracting opportunities on the Anacortes High School project! (more…)

Ground Breakings & Project Notes

March 2017 - A quick update on recent FORMA goings-on as we eagerly anticipate Spring (more…)
February 2017

So You Want to be a Contractor?

February 2017 - FORMA Moulds Young Minds in Anacortes   (more…)
January 2017

Bricks on Bricks

January 2017 - FORMA Delivers the new Lake Wilderness Elementary School Six Months Early, in LEGO   (more…)
December 2016

Breaking Ground in Silverdale

December 2016 - the Central Kitsap School District gets started on a new Consolidated Facility   (more…)

Reviving the Percival Creek Footbridge

December 2016 - A Restoration a Decade in the Making   (more…)
October 2016

Group Practice Design of the Year

October 2016 - Small to Tall wins a National Award   (more…)

Tonight’s the Night!

October 2016 - Homecoming at Rice Field   (more…)

AHS Veterans Memorial Dedication

October 2016 - A Moving Tribute in Anacortes   (more…)

For Your Viewing Pleasure

October 2016 - Construction progress at LWES   (more…)
September 2016

Are You on Instagram Yet?

September 2016 - There's more of us to like now on Social Media   (more…)

“I just love it. It’s just amazing.”

September 2016 - More Press on PGS   (more…)

Good News for Labor Day

September 2016 - JOC Crews Complete work at Howarth Park Bridge   (more…)
August 2016

Schools on Schools

August 2016 - FORMA Completes Another Campus   (more…)


August 2016 - Mark Your Calendars   (more…)

Fire Wolves & Other News

August 2016 - A Quick Summer Catch Up with FORMA Construction   (more…)
July 2016

Summer in the City

July 2016 - A new FORMA project is featured in the News Tribune   (more…)
June 2016

ATC is Gold

June 2016 - The new Advanced Technology Center is Officially Certified   (more…)

Rice Field Deep Dive

June 2016 - The Dirt You're Looking for on Phase I of the AHS Replacement Project   (more…)
May 2016

Happy Anniversary

May 2016 - Small to Tall Turns One! (more…)

AHS Groundbreaking

May 2016 - Kicking off Major Construction in Anacortes (more…)

LWES Groundbreaking

May 2016 - Sunshine + 1500 Kids in Hardhats = Not your average Wednesday (more…)
April 2016

Certified Healthcare Constructor

April 2016 - A longtime FORMA Superintendent earns a new ASHE credential (more…)

Building at the PSSC

April 2016 - FORMA Starts Construction on a New Health Sciences Building (more…)
March 2016

Another “W”

March 2016 - FORMA installs another larger-than-life "W" (more…)
January 2016

Open House this Thursday

January 2016 - Join us for the Grand Opening of the new Advanced Technology Center   (more…)
December 2015

Tis the Season

December 2015 - FORMA Donations add up Under the Tree   (more…)
November 2015

We are the Champion

November 2015 - FORMA Construction Named the 2015 Champion of Inclusion (more…)
October 2015

Celebrating the Longhouse Education and Cultural Center

October 2015 - The Longhouse at the Evergreen State College celebrates its 20th Anniversary (more…)

It’s Official

October 2015 - The HSSR Building is officially LEED Gold certified (more…)

Headed to Anacortes

October 2015 - FORMA wins the contract to renovate Anacortes High School (more…)
September 2015

Chopper on the Jobsite – No Big Deal

September 2015 - FORMA gets to manage all sorts of scopes as a Job Order Contractor   (more…)

Project of the Week

September 2015 - FORMA's Build-Out of a former UW Law building is recognized by the DJC   (more…)

Possible Change of Plans for Lake Wilderness

September 2015 - Citizen-led Bond Oversight Committee votes its Unanimous Support for a new Lake Wilderness Elementary School Campus  (more…)


September 2015 - FORMA Builds at the SDF Block Party (more…)

Building South Sound Schools

September 2015 - FORMA's Work on Two South Sound Schools is Featured in the Olympian (more…)
August 2015

the Most Sustainable Fire Station in the Country

August 2015 - FORMA's recently complete Fire Station No.20 is featured in The Urbanist (more…)

Monsters & Golfers

August 2015 - It's a busy Friday for FORMA with big events in Seattle and Olympia (more…)
July 2015

Hello Social Media

July 2015 - We now join 2015 - already in progress (more…)

“Everyone is really looking forward to the modernization”

July 2015 - Parents, teachers and students are excited to see FORMA begin construction at Peter G Schmidt Elementary School. (more…)