February 2018

Ahead of Schedule

February 2018 - We're on track to deliver the new and improved Enumclaw High School more than two months early. (more…)

This Week’s Tuesday Afternoon Video

February 2018 - We know you like to watch Facebook videos part-way into your work-week: (more…)

TV Star Alert!

February 2018 - Not sure what to watch after the Super Bowl on Sunday? We're here to help. (more…)

No Need to Travel to Burien

February 2018 - Don't be bummed if you haven't been out to the Puget Sound Skills Center yet, you can enjoy beautiful photos of the new Health Sciences Building from the comfort of the chair you're sitting in now. (more…)
January 2018

Hornets 1969 – 2018

January 2018 - Alumni from the 1960's - 2000's take a look at our progress (more…)

Also for the Fridge

January 2018 - "On time, on budget" (more…)

This One’s Going on the Fridge

January 2018 - "FORMA, the contractor, is doing an outstanding job," the Chief said... (more…)

Wait, what’s been going on out at Madrona?

January 2018 - Construction of this unique new K-8 campus in Edmonds is on schedule and zooming ahead. (more…)

You’re Invited

January 2018 - Join us for the Grand Opening of the new Environmental Learning Center at Point Defiance. (more…)

It’s Going to be 2020 Before You Know it

January 2018 - The FORMA/BLRB GC/CM team presented plans and design progress to the public the other night and we're all pretty excited about the transformation of Centralia High School. (more…)


January 2018 - Curious About What's Going on at Magnolia? (more…)
December 2017

Just in Time for Christmas

December 2017 - Under the tree this year: that intersection in the Venn diagram that mixes professional photography with lovely new public schools. (more…)

Meet the $100,000 Top Prize Winner

December 2017 - Part of what we enjoy so much about building schools is rubbing elbows with talented, inspiring teachers like Bob Kilmer--recently recognized for Teaching Excellence. (more…)
November 2017

Our 6 Month Review

November 2017 - "Interning with FORMA has given me the skills I need to start a successful career in the construction industry." (more…)

It’s the Water

November 2017 - FORMA's effort to protect the "Old Brewhouse" makes the news (more…)

The Advanced Technology Center Continues to Impress

November 2017 - FORMA-built & McGranahan-designed, the newest, state-of-the-artiest facility at Bates Technical College in Tacoma has just been named one of the 12 Best Schools of 2017. (more…)

A Winning Team

November 2017 - Two FORMA projects designed by McGranahan Architects win AIA awards. (more…)

Join us in Centralia

November 2017 - CSD community members will have an opportunity to review plans, ask questions, and provide feedback on the current design and construction proposed for two new elementary schools in public meetings set for next week. (more…)
October 2017

FY 2017

October 2017 - Celebrating Successes & Preparing for What's Next (more…)

Preserving History

October 2017 - FORMA leads a team of local volunteers to protect the Old Brewhouse (more…)

800 Pounds Each

October 2017 - What's involved in building the roof over a 65' wide fire station apparatus bay? We're so glad you asked. (more…)

“On Budget, On Time”

October 2017 -

A construction update from Anacortes on the project making their community proud. (more…)

Go On, Have a Look Around

October 2017 -

Tour the new Environmental Learning Center - without leaving the comfort of your chair. (more…)
September 2017

Success Story Made Possible by PSSC

September 2017 - FORMA hired a recent Puget Sound Skills Center grad to help us build the newest facility on this innovative campus. (more…)

Centralia Here We Come

September 2017 - FORMA Construction selected to lead major GC/CM projects for the Centralia School District. (more…)


September 2017 -

Highline Public Schools' new Health Sciences Building at the Puget Sound Skills Center is complete and hosting a Grand Opening on Sept 22nd at 9AM. (more…)

More Good News from Tacoma

September 2017 - The innovative Advanced Technology Center at Bates Technical College is recognized at the 2017 AIA Seattle Honor Awards. (more…)

Full Circle at LWES

September 2017 - Regular visitors to the FORMA News page (are there those?) will have noted multiple posts over the past two years pertaining to the Lake Wilderness Elementary School Replacement project. This is probably the last one of those. (more…)
August 2017

Your Anacortes Update

August 2017 - Construction of the new Anacortes High School campus is on budget and on schedule--and there's a lot going on up there. (more…)

Health & Sciences

August 2017 - The Daily Journal of Commerce published an article this week showcasing the new Health Sciences Building at the Puget Sound Skills Center. (more…)

Vote Early & Often!

August 2017 - Help Our Project Win the Popular Vote (more…)

Yet More News from the Sky

August 2017 - Sun + Moon 2017 (more…)

More Notes from Above

August 2017 - Progress in Chehalis. (more…)

Obliteriders – Team Kenny Sponsored by FORMA

August 2017 - FORMA takes to two wheels in support of cancer research. (more…)

Bird’s Eye View

August 2017 - FORMA breaks ground in Edmonds. (more…)
July 2017

Have you ever wanted to tear down your High School?

July 2017 -

Project Engineer Intern Zach Vance is a key member of FORMA's field team currently demo-ing and re-building Anacortes High School--and he's an AHS alumnus. (more…)

Progress at the Zoo

July 2017 - Freshly posted construction site progress photos for your viewing pleasure. (more…)
June 2017

Take a Peek Over our Fences

June 2017 - FORMA brings you real-time construction progress photos and critical project updates via the wonder of Instagram technology. (more…)
May 2017

AHS Neighborhood Construction Update

May 2017 - Join us Monday afternoon to see what we've been up to in Anacortes. (more…)

FS21 Y’All

May 2017 - You're Invited to the Groundbreaking. (more…)
April 2017

FS20 is Officially Excellent

April 2017 - We knew it was, but it's nice when the Internet says so. (more…)

UW Tower Renovation Recognized

April 2017 - Our Design-Build project wins an Ace Award. (more…)
March 2017

Anacortes is Calling

March 2017 - Attention Bidders: Mark your calendars for big subcontracting opportunities on the Anacortes High School project! (more…)

Ground Breakings & Project Notes

March 2017 - A quick update on recent FORMA goings-on as we eagerly anticipate Spring (more…)
February 2017

So You Want to be a Contractor?

February 2017 - FORMA Moulds Young Minds in Anacortes   (more…)
January 2017

Bricks on Bricks

January 2017 - FORMA Delivers the new Lake Wilderness Elementary School Six Months Early, in LEGO   (more…)
December 2016

Breaking Ground in Silverdale

December 2016 - the Central Kitsap School District gets started on a new Consolidated Facility   (more…)

Reviving the Percival Creek Footbridge

December 2016 - A Restoration a Decade in the Making   (more…)
October 2016

Group Practice Design of the Year

October 2016 - Small to Tall wins a National Award   (more…)

Tonight’s the Night!

October 2016 - Homecoming at Rice Field   (more…)